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Bartenders Behind the Campari Hard Box!

Behind the Grove & Bramble

Anu Apte-Elford—sole proprietor of internationally recognized cocktail den Rob Roy for the past seven years—has bartended all over the world. Through her passion project Swig Well, Seattle's Drinking Academy, she has taught classes to hundreds of food and beverage professionals. She has been included in too many articles and books to count, ranging from local magazines to international publications, and is opening up two new bars this year! No Anchor will open in the fall, with Navy Strength not too far behind.

Behind the Marbles in the Garden

Justin Burrow is the proprietor of Capt. Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge, on Main St. in the Historic District of Downtown Houston, Texas. His love of Campari is only surpassed by his passion for offering guests a fantastic environment in which to congregate. Justin is this month celebrating his twentieth year of working behind bars, and is happy to share that celebratory spirit with you through this drink!

Behind the Wherever I May Foam

Yael Vengroff is the bar director at The Spare Room in Hollywood's historic Roosevelt Hotel and is also revamping the program at legendary Chinese-restaurant-cum-live-music-venue Genghis Cohen. She moved to LA in 2012 after seven years in NYC working alongside some of the world’s best bartenders, most notably as the youngest female bartender at Audrey Saunders’s iconic Pegu Club and as head bartender at the former Lower East Side Tiki bar, Painkiller. Yael holds a number of titles with Speed Rack, including the 2012 National Champion, 2013 Champion of the West Coast Rematch, and 2014 Champion of Fastest Hands in the West.

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