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Bartenders Behind the Kiss Me, I'm Whiskey Box!

Behind the Mighty Craic Cobbler

Will Thompson tended bar in Boston for close to a decade, starting at Drink and then doing the rounds at many of the city's cocktail bars. He was most recently the beverage director at Ruka, Lolita Cocina, and Yvonne's, three of Boston's most stunning restaurants with award-winning cocktail programs. He's now ventured to New York City, where everyone is a huge Patriots fan.

Behind the Spice of Life

Elle Maeyaert is a bar manager at The Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She enjoys taking advantage of a vibrant brewery and distilling community to shape her spirit list and cocktail menu, keeping it rooted in Minnesota with unexpected flourishes inspired by her diverse world travels. She lets her music venue guide her hand in inspiring and naming her cocktails, as well as the way the bar produces them. In an effort to let the music stay center stage, shakers are used sparingly (not every song calls for makeshift maracas), and batching complex cocktails for consistency and speed make her program unique.

Behind the Tea & Honey

Stephen Berry—a bartender for the last decade, but in the industry since 1999—is the head bartender at Ella Dining Room and Bar in Sacramento, California. Over the years, he has curated various innovative cocktail menus and wine programs around the city and is currently working toward his certified sommelier certificate. Stephen is extremely passionate about whiskey, wine, and all things tiki.

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