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Behind the La Trova Old Fashioned

A Cuban cantinero known for his infectious personality and mouth-watering cocktails, Julio Cabrera is co-owner of Cafe La Trova, a traditional 1950s-style Cuban bar and restaurant in Miami, FL.

Behind the Bajan Kiss

Barbadian-raised chef Paul Yellin is a rum drinker with a cooking problem (as well as an unquenchable thirst for rum, food, and adventure). After working in various kitchens for 20+ years, he settled in historic Charleston, SC, known as a colony of the colony of Barbados—and thus, rich in rum history and Barbadian connections. Having not found satisfaction in the local bars, Paul struck out on his own two years ago and opened Cane Rhum Bar. He now has over 140 rums in his bar.

Behind the Tipo Chichero

Andres Chopite-Parra grew up in Venezuela, attended the University of Tampa in Florida, and then went to grad school at University College London in the UK. After bartending throughout university, he ultimately decided not to go to law school—to his family's dismay—and to instead continue in this crazy industry. He's since been living and working in Austin, TX, bartending at and managing several different locations, including Clive, The Townsend, Academia, and Antone's. Currently, Andres can mainly be found at Academia.

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