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To Have on Hand for Rum Wild

Recommended liquor: So that you can start mixing your cocktails as soon as your box arrives, why not go get your bottle of lightly aged rum now? Each of this month's featured bartenders has a recommendation for you! Any of them will work well for all three recipes found in this box, depending on your preference:

Marshall Altier and Jonathan Borin's recommendation is Flor De Cana 4 Year Extra Seco. This rum is soft and dry with notes of vanilla and tropical fruit that lends itself to use in balanced, fruit-forward drinks like these.

Jonathan Pogash recommends Blue Chair Bay Rum, a modern Caribbean rum. Clean, classic, and crisp.

Dan Watson suggests The Real McCoy 3-Year-Aged Rum, which comes from Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, one of the finest distilleries in all the spirits world. This bottle contains a mixture of pot- and column-still rums aged in ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of three years before double-charcoal filtering. The result is tropical fruit and coconut on the nose; in the mouth it starts dry with a hint of oak and finishes with a lovely spice note.

Recommended amount: To make all 12 drinks, you'll need 24 oz of lightly aged rum; a medium (750 ml) bottle will be your best bet.

Recommended barware: A few different jiggers that measure 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, and 2 oz, as well as a strainer, shaker, fine strainer, and citrus reamer or juicer. These are not all strictly necessary, but will improve your mixology experience.

Recommended glassware: Double rocks glass, martini glass, and coupe

Recommended ice: To make all 12 cocktails in one go, you'll need about 4 pounds of ice (4 ice trays’ worth).

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